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At the Annual General Meeting of the Association held on February 22nd 2018 it was agreed to publish the Code of Business Practice for the members of PRA



The members of PRA are obliged to conform to the following standards



To provide only equipment which meets the required safety standards together with all the neccesary certificates and valid technical checks

To purchase the equipment only from the legitimate and verified suppliers


To maintain transparent business relations with their customers, specifically :

To provide understandable and straightforward rental contracts

To apply simple and clear methods of calculating rental fees

To only charge for what was agreed in advance

To follow the rule “You only pay for what you ordered”

To support all transactions with all legally required paperwork

Not to offer illegal incetives to customer’s employees


To observe all the regulations of the Labour Code and any other regulations concerned with employment.

To respect the rights of their employees including non-discrimination rules.


To rent only machines which comply with current legislation in regard to exhaust emission, vibration and noise emission.

To use the best standards of practice in respect of waste disposal and recycling waste created in the business process.