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The Europlatform Conference – the most important event in the rental industry of work at height equipment was held on Thursday 14 September at the Warsaw Marriot hotel. It was the eleventh edition of the conference, which has a big influence on the future of rental industry. During the conference the presentation concerning the development of Polish rental industry as well as the establishment and the role of Polish Rental Association was delivered by Małgorzata Felicka – the Proxy of ATUT RENTAL and the President of PRA, whereas the presentation related to the Polish rental market, focusing on the market of lifts, was conducted by Wojciech Lisicki from RIWAL company and the member of PRA.



Europlatform_Introductory speech_Małgorzata Felicka

Europlatform_wystąpienie Małgorzaty Felickiej

Wojciech Lisicki – An Insiders View of the Polish Rental Market (Europlatform 2017)